Zoe Caverly RMT

Registered massage therapist

zoe caverly



Through massage therapy, I believe in the ability to help restore the body and mind to being not just pain free, but functioning optimally. Massage is a way for me to help you reconnect to your body, thank your body for everything it does and encourage it to perform in all the ways you want it to. 

Life creates many different stress factors on us not just physically but mentally and emotionally. By listening to your body and gently guiding it to meet the demands of your life, I use massage therapy to help patients manage their stress. This is a key factor of long term health and happiness. 


what to expect

Whether in my clinic space or in your home, your first treatment with me begins with a thorough intake process where we assess our beginning point and set achievable and measurable goals. For this, I book an extra half hour at no charge. Intake involves a health history questionnaire, as well as range of motion assessment and, on occasion, orthopaedic testing so it is best to wear comfortable, nonrestrictive clothing. I believe in customizing every treatment to each patient to best match your comfort level, your needs and the goals of our treatment plan. 

Mobile Massage Treatment can be arranged in your own home, on your schedule. I arrive with a folding massage table, sheets, pillows, unscented lotion and anything else that may be required for your treatment. 




Types of Treatment

Injury Rehab
Scar Treatment
Myofascial Treatment
Relaxation and Wellness
Pregnancy Massage
Chronic Pain Management
Post-Surgical Healing
Lymphatic Drainage



Sutherland-Chan school of massage therapy, 2017

Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy is a career college with longevity in the massage therapy profession and a solid reputation as one of the best schools in North America, where massage therapy is viewed as a health care profession (as opposed to an aesthetics or service occupation) with historic roots and a modern foundation in evidence and effectiveness. 




$50 . . . . 30 minutes
$70 . . . . 45 minutes
$90 . . . . 60 minutes
$120 . . . . 90 minutes


By appointment only

Please feel free to call, text or e-mail for appointment bookings, or any questions. 



688 Douglas St. 
North Bay, Ontario

*PLEASE NOTE: These prices came into effect June 1, 2018, and are including HST.